Challenge 1: Registering voters

Voting is a right we need to protect for all citizens in our country. How can we make registering to vote easier? What tools can improve grassroots mobilization efforts? Think apps, FB bots and beyond...

challenge 2: VISUALIZING Police data

Are there racial disparities in drug policing in the Boston area? Does the racial makeup of a neighborhood predict the level of police activity? Using census data and public police data, can you investigate these questions and create user-friendly data visualization tools?

Challenge 3: Promoting Civic education

Young people are not participating in politics. Offering civic skills training can help curb this trend. But civic education isn't sexy. How can we persuade the public that civic education is worth fighting for?

Challenge 4: Open Hack

Do the above themes sound interesting but you have your own inspiration? Work on your own project idea that contributes to the hackathon themes of Fairness, Equality and Openness.